We compile customer-specific product ranges based on a precise market analysis and targeted product evaluation. Our tailored marketing activities and sales promotion measures ensure an efficient sales process, with well-rehearsed procedures and access to all of the key distribution channels.

Careful research

Precise market analyses and innovative food scouting

We are always on the lookout for the latest trends on the food and drink market, helped by our extensive knowledge of the sector and innovative scouting methods. We carry out product range and price surveys in the relevant sales channels on behalf of manufacturers and brand owners. Based on store checks and visits to trade fairs, we maintain a constant overview of the latest developments and needs of retailers and consumers. We then use this information to not only support producers with their marketing and distribution processes, but also advise retailers as they search for new products that precisely meet the latest consumer desires.


Targeted product evaluation and efficient brand development

Whether we are introducing a completely new brand or supporting the further expansion of an established name, as food and drink experts, we understand consumers’ specific needs and the corresponding sales markets. This enables us to compile tailored ranges and offers that align with current trends, or even set new ones. Through careful scouting, we identify niches and import brands for which we expect there to be great demand in Switzerland. For producers who already supply Switzerland, we use our valuable contacts in the sector to access additional distribution channels. In doing so, we create services that are tailor-made to the needs of the manufacturers and retail partners. So our customers’ brands find their way to the shelves – and then on to consumers.



Targeted measures

Customer-specific product ranges and attractive promotional offers

We offer our customers a choice between targeted, standalone activities and a full palette of sales promotion measures. From planning and implementing individual physical or virtual multipack offers to channel-specific or nationwide custom promotions. We also provide the displays, counter stands and other POS materials, covering every stage from design through to logistics. We can reliably plan and organise in-and-out promotions, whether as a seasonal offer or for a test market. Or maybe you need us to arrange a cool event to launch or promote a drink?


Effective marketing activities and helpful sales support

In order to increase awareness of the products amongst consumers, we plan appropriate marketing measures and support retailers with above- and below-the-line activities. From tried-and-tested print and online measures (e.g. newsletters, banner advertising, etc.) to activities on social media channels to helping build communities and initiating comprehensive product promotion with displays and point of sale tastings. You can even trust us to produce the accompanying flyers, recipe brochures and discount coupons. We also have a wealth of experience with sample distribution campaigns – whether at the POS or via other partner channels. Together with innovative restaurateurs and bar owners, we can even organise drink tastings for leisure communities.


Extensive expertise and access to every relevant distribution channel

From retailers and major distributors to delivery and pickup wholesalers, industrial customers, specialist drinks retailers and exclusive top bars – our team of expert sales consultants in the field of fine food and drink understand the mechanisms and conditions of our retail partners. Our sales staff maintain regular personal contact with the respective decision-makers in category management and our customers’ regional branches.


Motivated field team and powerful CRM

With efficient software solutions and agile field staff, we always have our fingers on the pulse of our customers. Having immediate access to sales data and product information ensures that our staff provide competent advice every time. It also enables them to not only present new products to customers first-hand, but also take orders and agree advance purchases at the same time. What’s more, our field team can present recommended marketing and sales activities and get involved in the development of second POSs and promotional counters. We handle order and delivery procedures efficiently using electronic data interchange (EDI), which gives us the perfect starting point to offer our customers an efficient vendor-managed inventory.


Professional product management and integrated key account management

As Swiss brand ambassadors, we represent the brands in Switzerland with our own in-house key account management and product marketing team. We see ourselves as a hub that connects producers, retail partners and consumers. Based on potential analyses, marketing plans, annual and distribution objectives and ROI calculations, either provided by our customers or produced in-house, we always act transparently and maintain a constant dialogue with our customers through extensive reports.


Efficient trade marketing and far-reaching network

Our experienced staff maintain excellent relationships with our contacts at retail partners, on all levels. Our comprehensive knowledge of the markets also gives us an excellent basis to provide sales-boosting category management services. This not only benefits our customers, but also our sales partners in the fields of retail, food service, industry and other branches of the food and drink sector. Another particularly valuable feature is our excellent contacts with top bartenders, who play an important “influencer” role when it comes to creating communities and brand fans.