The Haecky Group Organization

The Haecky Group operates commercially in the retail, production and further processing of high quality food and drinks and consists of four business divisions. Its head office is in Reinach (BL), Switzerland. CEO Markus Wehrli leads the Haecky Group.


Haecky Import AG, Reinach  

Import, production and sales of fine food, spirits, Champagnes and other sparkling wines, various exports. Your contacts

Haecky DistriFresh AG, Widnau

Import, packaging and sales of mushrooms (frozen, fresh, dried, chilled) and mushroom products as well as high quality frozen products. Your contacts

Sandro Vanini SA, Rivera

Production and sales of Mostarda Purée, lemon and orange peel, chestnut purée, marrons glacé and other chestnut derivates, Mostarda di Frutta and other products for the Swiss market and export.

Deliciel AG, Birmenstorf

Production and sales of baked goods and confectionery products, sweet/savoury snacks. Your contacts

Haecky Group Board of Directors

The Haecky Group's Board of Directors consists of members of the Haecky family and external experts. To the Haecky Group's Board of Directors.

The Haecky Group has shareholdings in the companies González Byass (Spain) and Calvados Morin (France).