History of the Haecky group

  • 1879

    Jean Haecky

    Jean Haecky is born in 1879. He completed a chef's apprenticeship, underwent several years of further training and held various positions in reputable hotels abroad.

    In 1902 he marries the hotelier's daughter Wilhelmine Withofner in Moscow and manages the Hotel Billo in the centre of Russia's capital city.


  • 1905

    Hotelier in Lucerne

    Jean Haecky returns to Lucerne with his wife and three children Jean jun., Alexander and Marussia.He buys the Hotel des Balances in Lucerne and looks after its international clientele with his Family.

  • 1916

    Founding years

    Jean Haecky founds the Jean Haecky Hotel und Import AG and starts importing food, spirits and wines to Switzerland during the crisis years.
    In addition he acts as a diplomatic courier between the Swiss and French governments.  

    In 1919  the Jean Haecky Import SA head office is moved to Basel. Mrs Helene Jenni significantly shapes the success of Haecky Import AG in Basel as Managing Director.

  • 1926

    Hotel Bad Weissenburg

    Jean Haecky founds Bad Weissenburg AG together with the Jenni family for the purpose of buying the spa and bathing hotel Weissenburg in Simmental and the Weissenburg mineral springs. The hotel develops into an international hub. Queen Wilhelmine of the Netherlands and Crown Princess Juliana are among the guests, as are many other prominent People.

  • 1927

    Liebig's meat extract

    The production of OXO, filling of Liebig's meat extract and stock cubes on Laufenstrasse in Basel.

    Founding of the "Produits Liebig SA" company in Basel in 1936.


  • 1950

    Focus on import and retail

    Jean Haecky Import AG increasingly focuses on import and retail. The site on Laufenstrasse in Basel is developed and expanded, the Hotel des Balances and Hotel Bad Weissenburg are sold.

    As was still usual in the 1950s, the company's own horse and cart was used to transport goods between bonded warehouses, Swiss rail and Haecky Import.


  • 1959

    Jean Haecky's 80th birthday

    Jean Haecky (in the middle) celebrates his 80th birthday with Helene Jenni (left) and Marussia Haecky (right) as well as Jean Haecky jun. (standing, left) and Alexander Haecky (standing, right).

    In the meantime the second generation of Jean Haecky jun., Marussia Haecky and Alexander Haecky has taken over Haecky Import AG.


  • 1964

    Start of cooperation with Sandro Vanini SA

    The cooperation with  Sandro Vanini SA in Caslano/Ticino is started. Typical Ticino specialities like Mostarda Purée or marrons glacé are made here.

    Sandro Vanini SA is purchased in 1983.



  • 1972

    New building in Reinach/BL

    Haecky Import AG moves from Basel to Reinach/BL. It is the first business to be based in the new "Kägen" industrial area.

    The new building combines the administration, storage and filing facility for Spirits.


  • 1989

    Management handover to 3rd generation

    The second generation handed over management to the third generation, consisting of John Haecky, Alex Haecky-Schad and Armin Sütterlin-Haecky, at the end of the 1980s.

  • 1992

    Investment in the González Byass group

    Haecky Import AG acquires a shareholding in the González Byass Group in Jerez/Spain.

    González Byass is mainly famous for its famous Tio Pepe Sherry.



  • 1993

    Purchase of Rum Company AG

    Purchase of Rum Company AG including the European rights for Rum Coruba.

    Rum Company AG was founded in 1889 and was based in Basel. The Rum Company also included a branch in Kingston/Jamaica. The rum for Rum Coruba still comes from Jamaica today: it is assembled and filled in Reinach.



  • 2000

    Expansion of the Haecky Group

    In 2000, C. August Egli AG in Zurich Leimbach is taken over, this also includes subsidiaries such as the Grossenbacher Weinhandlung in Langenthal and Carreras. Also its own "Finca Casa Lo Alto" wine estate in the wine-growing region D.O. Utiel Requena/Spain.

    Picosa AG in Widnau is also taken over and transferred to Haecky DistriFresh AG in Widnau.  


  • 2012

    New Sandro Vanini building in Rivera

    Sandro Vanini SA moves from Caslano to Rivera into a large modern production facility.


  • 2013

    Purchase of Deliciel AG and discontinuation of wine business

    Takeover of Deliciel AG in Birmenstorf (AG).

    Discontinuation of the import of still wine; continuation of maintaining and developing the Finca Casa Lo Alto in Utiel-Requena, 60 km west of Valencia/Spain.  


  • 2016

    100 years of business

    The Haecky Group is celebrating 100 years of business. A modern company with around 270 employees. The Haecky Group manages an assortment of approximately 2000 products and represents more than 190 global brands like Amaro Montenegro, Calvados Morin, Courvoisier, Contarini, Dalmore, Jim Beam, Jura, Molinari, Nardini, Vecchia Romagna, Tio Pepe, Bowmore, Laphroaig as well as Heinz, Go Tan, Maille, Seeberger, Tabasco and Teekanne. On top of that the Haecky Group manages in-house brands such as Basler Dybli Kirsch, Casa Lo Alto, Deliciel, Picosa, Rum Coruba or Sandro Vanini.

  • 2017

    The Schenk Group acquires the Finca Casa Lo Alto Estate from the Haecky Group as per end of april 2017

    The purchase comes as the Haecky Group decides to end its interest in the still wine business to focus on its core businesses of spirits, sparkling wine brands and food. This strategic decision was taken in 2013, and the sale of Finca Casa Lo Alto is the final step in this divestment.  

    Both the Haecky and Schenk groups are family-owned with long tradition. Because of the same philosophy and the same high quality awareness, the future of the Finca Casa Lo Alto is assured.

  • 2019

    Appointment to the Haecky Group Board

    Peter Haecky, longstanding Chairman of the Board of the Haecky Group, resigned from his position due to old age as of 1.1.2019. He continues to be active within the Board as Vice Chairman and therefore remains committed to the Haecky Group. Markus Wehrli, CEO of the Haecky Group for over six years and a Board member for two years, took over the role of Chairman of the Board in addition to his CEO activities as of 1.1.19.

  • 2020

    60 years of Sandro Vanini SA

    For its 60th anniversary Sandro Vanini SA launches a special edition for those products which have had the strongest influence on the history of the exclusive brand Sandro Vanini: Mostarda di Frutta classica, Mostarda di Frutta extra forte as well as the famous Marrons Glacés.

    All those will be offered in a special packaging, distinguished by a vintage-style as in the 1960’s. This limited edition will be sold as long as stocks last in the shops where you can also get to know other Sandro Vanini products.

  • 2022

    Food & Handel GmbH joins the Haecky group

    Food & Handel GmbH has been a 100% member of the Haecky Group since the end of 2021. Specialized in mushrooms from all over the world, the team in Rheineck in eastern Switzerland has been successfully importing and packaging high-quality products for the Swiss food industry for over 20 years. Together with Haecky DistriFresh AG, which distributes mushrooms for foodservice, gastronomy and retail under the well-known Picosa brand, the Haecky Group now competently and happily covers all customer segments in the mushroom sector. 

    Since April 1st 2022, Haecky DistriFresh AG and Food & Handel GmbH have been united under one roof in Rheineck.


  • 2023

    Haecky Group purchases the brand rights of Peshi

    Peshi AG, a family-owned nut roasting company, ceased operations at the end of May 2023. It was an important supplier of ground nuts for the production of Deliciel AG, a company of the Haecky Group. After many years of collaboration with Peshi AG, the Haecky Group purchased the brand rights along with the machines for production. From 1st of January 2024, the popular Peshi cashew nuts are roasted at Deliciel AG without oil or fat. They are available in 4 different flavours: salted, curry, paprika and piri piri.

  • 2024

    Gerber Biscuits GmbH with the Haecky Group from 2024

    In order to ensure an early succession solution, Daniel Gerber, long-standing managing director and owner of Gerber Biscuits Ltd., has transferred his authentic products and his company to the Haecky Group. Both are Swiss family businesses with a long tradition and values. The popular Gerber Biscuits in organic quality and with Swiss ingredients will continue to be produced in Switzerland according to the Gerber family's original recipe and distributed by Haecky Import AG. Daniel Gerber is delighted to have found an ideal successor solution in the Haecky Group. We at the Haecky Group are aware of our great responsibility and look forward to taking over the production and distribution of Gerber biscuits from 2024.