Our Haecky brands

Sandro Vanini, Rum Coruba, Picosa, Ritz and Deliciel are the Haecky Group's brands. These Haecky brands are made at their own production sites and sold in Switzerland as well as abroad.


Sandro Vanini

The Sandro Vanini brand has been part of the Haecky Group since the 1980s and has been continuously expanded and modernised since then. Sandro Vanini stands for Ticino fruit specialities that are produced in the Sandro Vanini SA factory in Rivera. The product range consists of:

  • Chestnut specialities, such as marrons glacés, which are extremely popular especially in the autumn and at Christmas time.
  • Mostarda Purée based on figs, oranges, apricots or ginger.
  • Mostarda di Frutta, which are candied fruits in mustard oil, as well as lemon and orange peel and much more

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Rum Coruba

The Rum Coruba brand has been around since 1889 and the name Coruba stands for Compagnie  Rhumière de Bâle. Even today it is still blended and filled for the whole of Europe at Haecky in Reinach BL.

Rum Coruba is not just popular with Swiss consumers but also sells well abroad.


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The Picosa brand has been sold in Switzerland by Haecky DistriFresh AG since 2000. It stands for a whole range of mushrooms (morels, porcini, button mushrooms, chanterelles and many more), which are packaged and sold fresh, frozen, dried or sterilised in bags or tins. The mushroom range is complemented by a wide range of antipasti products for catering under the Picosa brand.

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Deliciel is a brand that has been part of the Haecky Group since the start of 2013. Fresh and frozen baked goods and confectionery products are made under the Deliciel brand at the factory in Birmenstorf

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