An extensive range

In the Haecky Group, our extensive range encompasses imported brands in the area of food and drinks, as well as the food that we manufacture at our two production facilities, Sandro Vanini SA and Deliciel AG.

Spirits, champagnes and sparkling wines

Haecky Drink specializes in the import and sale of selected spirits, champagnes and sparkling wines, and along with other products, is currently one of the leading suppliers of rum and whisky in Switzerland.

Visit the exclusive Haecky Drink range here.

Food specialties from all over the world

Haecky Fine Food imports specialty food from all over the world which it distributes to Swiss retailers, gastro wholesalers and for further processing in the industry. Allow yourself to be tempted and enjoy the world-renowned brands the extensive Haecky Fine Food range has to offer.

Mushrooms and frozen delicatessen

Haecky DistriFresh AG specializes in the sale of mushrooms (fresh and frozen) and frozen delicatessen. Read more about the varied range of products offered by Haecky DistriFresh AG.

Ticino specialties

Sandro Vanini SA is a producer of Ticino specialties. Its leading products include Mostarda di Frutta, Mostarda Purée, chestnut specialties and grated lemon and orange peel. Find out more about the Sandro Vanini SA specialties here.

Baked goods and confectionery products

Deliciel AG. is a producer of baked goods, confectionery and the right specialty for every season.

Allow yourself to be surprised by the extensive range offered by Deliciel AG, which includes something to suit every taste.